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Skibiking At Its Best

Introducing the NEW Freerider 5.2

Setting a new standard for the future of alpine sports. . . whether riding the back country, cruising on the greens, or playin' in the park this skibike combines proven European performance and quality with new innovations


Inspiring & empowering a new generation of alpine athletes

Our company is totally dedicated to quality, as well as providing our customers with a product that will hold up to the rigors of this sport. We are the exclusive North American distributor for Sledgehammer Skibikes (since 2006), an Austrian company that is the largest skibike manufacturer in the world with over 7,000+ bikes manufactured to date. Be a part of the growing community of skibikers, and do it with a quality product designed by riders, inspired by true passion and love of the mountain. We invite you to learn more about our company, and more about skibiking here on our website. Feel free to get in touch if we can answer any questions for you!


Skibiking is perhaps the most exhilerating sport on the snow.  It combines the fun of gravity sports with the control of a performance vehicle.  

Although skibiking can be rigorous and challenging, it is much easier on the legs and back than skiing or snowboarding.    

It’s beginner-friendly, fun, and adventurous all at the same time.  Just a lesson or two and a little bit of confidence and you will be touring the mountain.  

The sport began generations ago and has gained recent momentum and popularity due to the technological advancements.  

Sledgehammer Skibikes (since 2006) is an industry leader and every year we are committed to improving upon our performance, quality & safety.  

Our equipment reflects our true passion for skibiking.

Try it and we think you'll fall in love with this sport too!

Our skibikes are Austrian-designed and lightweight so you can save your energy for showing off under the chairlift!

Skibiking is an adaptive sport that allows you to interact with nature in a new way!

Contact us

Sledgehammer USA is always ready and willing to talk about this sport with enthusiasts of outdoor adventure! From retail opportunities to mountain regulations to performance upgrades, we can help you find whatever you need.  We have shared some photos and videos on this website so you can see our products in action. We are adventure sports lovers ourselves, and skibikes captured our attention.

We think you’ll love them too!

Call us with questions 833-SKIBIKE (754-2453) !

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