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Sledgehammer USA’s goal as a company is to inspire and empower a new generation of alpine athletes. Our products are made to do just that! We’d love to share our latest and greatest model with you, and introduce some of the reasons people enjoy skibiking as a recreational adventure sport. Read more below, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our company if we can answer any questions about our sport, or our products.

Our New Model

The New Sledgehammer Freerider 5.2 Skibike is the 3rd generation in the 5-series. Our tried-and-true MX-inspired design gives you unparalleled control in a variety of positions, and the saddle provides a smooth ride. The unique leading link front fork keeps the ski edge in full contact when handling corners and negotiating technical obstacles. We have combined our proven quality with innovations of spring-loaded MX foot pegs, leading arm front suspension and 9 position rear shock adjustments. This years model hits the nail on the head & is the result of 12 seasons of setting the technological benchmark for the skibike industry. You will be thrilled with the ride!

Alpine Sports



Sledgehammer USA connects outdoor adventure enthusiasts with European quality skibikes that are attractive, well made, and fun to ride!

Benefits Of Skibiking

So why would you consider a skibike instead of skiing or snowboarding down the mountains?

Simply put, skibiking includes all the aspects of adventure sport, while being an easier skill to learn that is also kinder to the knees, and more ergonomically designed. The ability to fine-tune your descent results in faster steering time and a safer overall experience without losing the thrill of speed or the appeal of being out in nature. You don’t have to scale back your adventurous spirit, but you can cut the strain on your body while still having a great time! 

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